Latino Leadership Alliance-PAC issues endorsements

Eight months after endorsing the re-election of Chris Christie for Governor, the Political Action Committee of The Latino Leadership Alliance announced today its final list of endorsements for the General Election on Nov. 5.

“The LLANJ PAC endorses candidates who are truly committed to work with the Latino Leadership Alliance on issues impacting Latinos and New Jersey residents,” said Martin Perez, Esq., President of LLANJ-PAC. “We do not support or endorse candidates based on their political party affiliation, ethnicity or gender, but rather on issues, and their track records showing they are indeed doing their best for the people they have represented or would like to represent. We also take into serious consideration their record in promoting and bringing fairness and inclusion in all areas of New Jersey’s governmental and educational endeavors.”

The list of endorsed candidates and positions includes:


Chris Christie (R)


Samuel Thompson (R) Legislative District 12                           

Brian Levine (R) Legislative District 17                            

David Stahl (R) Legislative District 18                            

Joseph Vitale (D) Legislative District 19                            

Thomas Kean Jr. (R) Legislative District 21                           

Teresa Ruiz(D) Legislative District 29                          

Sandra Cunningham (D) Legislative District 31                           

Brian Stack (D) Legislative District 33                           

Fernando Alonso (R) Legislative District 38                           


Gabriel Mosquera (D) Legislative District 4                            

Angel Fuentes (D) Legislative District 5                             

Troy Singleton (D) Legislative District 7                            

Ron Hass (R) Legislative District 14                             

Uprenda Chivikula (D) Legislative District 18                             

Robert  Bengivenga (R) Legislative District 18                             

Craig Coughlin (D) Legislative District 19                            

Nancy Muñoz (R) Legislative District 21                            

John Campbell(R) Legislative District 22                            

Juanita Lopez (R) Legislative District 31                            

Carmelo Garcia(D) Legislative District 33                            

Raj Murkherji (D) Legislative District 33                            

David Rios (R) Legislative District 34                          


Maura Di Nicola (R) Bergen County                                   

Jordan Rickards (R) Middlesex County                 

Roger Daley (R) Middlesex County                 

Robert Jones (R) Middlesex County                 

Christian Barranco (R) Passaic County                                  

Phil Weisberger (R) Passaic County                                  


Jose Martinez (R) Middlesex County                 


Don Guardian (R) Atlantic City            

Amir Khan (I) Camden                    


Wilfredo Rojas (D) East Greenwich Twp.

Angel Cordero (R) Camden                     


Junior Iglesias. Perth Amboy School District

Reyes Ortega. Perth Amboy. School District                       


The LLANJ-PAC is the Political Action Committee of The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey, the only statewide non-partisan non-profit organization composed of local, regional and state organizations, Latino leaders and professionals advocating for the socio economic and political development of Latino diverse communities. Latino Leadership Alliance-PAC issues endorsements