Listen, a Foldable Bed That ‘Lets’ You Sleep At Work Is Not a Perk

We don't care what kind of sheets you have.

Cozy. (Photo:
Cozy. (Photo:

In today’s startup culture, kegs of beer in the office kitchen are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to office perks. Working at a startup seems pretty cushy most of the time–except when bonuses like nap pods and hammocks mean staying at work longer than you ever thought possible.

A Dutch innovation called the Fold Inn is one such insidious perk. It’s a bunch of wood panels that fold out into a tiny bedroom, so you’ll never have to leave work again! From Fold Inn’s website:

“It offers a temporary residence by creating private rooms within larger or vacant spaces. Flex workers and travelling business people can use the box on external locations… Fold Inn can be set up in a few seconds and is designed to fit into a standard elevator in order to improve its mobility.”

While we’re sure the Fold Inn is a triumph in space-saving design and all that, we’re pretty terrified at the prospect of being expected to sleep in a box on business trips or during busy stretches at work. And if this kind of thing catches on, it’ll be a matter of time before travellers are expected to shell out real money to stay in a box instead of a hotel room on vacation.

So can we please not let this become de rigueur? Next, people will be expected to keep sleeping bags under their desks for lunchtime naps. Oh, wait…

(h/t PSFK) Listen, a Foldable Bed That ‘Lets’ You Sleep At Work Is Not a Perk