Lonegan invokes McGreevey era in counter attack of Booker

MIDLAND PARK – Steve Lonegan reached back to the Jim McGreevey administration to contextualize and pan Democratic rule in the State of New Jersey, which contributed to his own town’s financial unrest and forced him to go to the state for help, he said.

Running for the U.S. Senate, and reeling in the wake of a damaging story, the Republican slapped at McGreevey on two fronts: his support for project labor agreements (PLAs) and his championing of the millionaire’s tax.

“I was at the War Memorial (when then-Gov. McGreevey ) said a top end income tax would keep seniors in their homes,” Lonegan said, flanked by local elected officials here, including the local mayor. “I predicted then that the money would fall into the black hole.”

It caused further government redistribution of wealth, he argued and forced future mayors “to go on bended knee to Trenton, where the vast majority (of money) is poured into Newark and the failed policies of Cory Booker.”

Called out in today’s Star-Ledger for accepting $250,000 in state aid to plug a 2006 budget gap when he served as mayor of Bogota, the movement conservative denounced the Ledger as a “liberal rag.”

Lonegan has made a campaign out of criticizing Democratic nominee Booker as gorged on government.

Pressed by PolitickerNJ.com, Lonegan said he actually respected McGreevey. “He understood the need to deregulate,” he said, and refused, when asked about his doubled invocation of the former governor in his Booker counter attack, to identify him as one of the state’s worst.

Lonegan invokes McGreevey era in counter attack of Booker