Mayor Hague’s Desk

So much legend has risen up around the 20th Century’s Jersey City mayor that even the furnishing thought to be his desk prompted a visit once to the Jersey City Clerk’s Office by former Gov. Brendan Byrne.

“All right, where is it?” Byrne asked Clerk Robert Byrne (no relation).

Byrne showed Byrne the desk the former governor believed was Hague’s, which contains a drawer sized almost exactly the full width of the desk so partners on both sides can access its contents.

The legend around the desk is that the visitor would stick an envelope in one side and the mayor would receive it on the other.

But according to Clerk Byrne, no one ever actually proved that the desk that ended up in the clerk’s office actually belonged to Hague.

“That desk took on a life of its own,” said the 6 ft. 5 Byrne, who didn’t use the piece of furniture that sat in his office, which he said was designed for men of another era. “People would come in all the time asking to see Hague’s desk and I felt a little like a trick monkey.”

The documented desk Hague stands next to in pictures now occupies the office of Council President Rolando Lavarro. Mayor Hague’s Desk