Metástasis: The Spanish-Language Breaking Bad (Video)

Metástasis (Univision)
Metástasis (Univision)

Breaking Bad might be over, but if you’re still sweating for some sweet blue rock, you can always travel south of border. No, the Mexican cartel isn’t back in action, it’s Walter White and Co. setting up show in Columbia…or should we say, Walter Blanco?


According to various sources–who couldn’t all have been duped by a highly-elaborate prank, right?– Sony and Univision have joined together for a Columbia remake of Breaking Bad called Metástasis. No, seriously. The Verge noted some of the changes, including the lack of a mobile meth lab:

It’ll be replaced by an old school bus, to reflect the comparative unpopularity of recreational vehicles in South America. And although Guerra says Breaking Bad had a “universality” to its tale of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-lord, the Hollywood Reporter interprets her comments to suggest Metástasis will be “more mainstream,” to fit a Spanish-speaking audience used to dramas such as El Cartel and La Saga. This English-language trailer shows some of the changes in visual tone.

And has photos that show Hank–Henry Navarro in the new show–with a vest, and our dear Jesse Pinkman with much darker hair.
At least we can all agree…Walt’s toupee is perfect, non? <em>Metástasis</em>: The Spanish-Language <em>Breaking Bad</em> (Video)