Monmouth poll tracks uptick in N.J. ‘quality of life’

TRENTON – Jersey tough?

According to the latest “quality of life’’ survey by Monmouth University, the Garden State Quality of Life Index stands at +26, up 5 points from April, which was a significant drop from other post-Superstorm Sandy measurements of +29.

Nearly 2-in-3 say New Jersey is either an excellent (19%) or good (46%) place to call home, compared to 1-in-3 who rate it as only fair (25%) or poor (10%).  This 65% positive rating is up by 4 points from the April poll.

Seventy-two percent rate their own town positively. 

Big gains were shown by residents of the Central Hills and Northern Shore regions. For Central Hills, the index climbed 14 points to +52; for Northern Shore, up 11 to +33.

But every yin there is a yang.

The Garden State Quality of Life Index Score stayed stable or declined slightly among Route 1 Corridor residents (up 2 points to +21), Garden Core residents (down 2 points to +19) and Northeast region residents (down 4 points to +27).  The Route 1 Corridor region’s index score saw the largest post-Sandy drop in April; although the February index score for this region was exceptionally high compared to prior polls.

“Our quality of life index saw a big drop in April after a period of goodwill in Sandy’s immediate aftermath.  It now looks like last spring’s negativity was temporary,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Monmouth poll tracks uptick in N.J. ‘quality of life’