Morning Read: ‘Anyways’

Today's amNewYork.
Today’s amNewYork.

Headline of the Day: “Bill de Blasio Hails Red Sox, But Promises Yankee And Mets Fans He Won’t Rain On Their Parade.”

Runner-Up: “2013 Primary Analysis (Part Three): Mop Up.”

Newsday‘s Dan Janison took a look at Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s legacy: “‘We haven’t done everything — the work of government never ends,” Bloomberg said in a statement … ‘But we’ve shown that everything is possible.’ That’s a bit hyperbolic. But anyways — as the mayor might say — some far-reaching changes indeed proved possible.”

Politico profiled the role that three of Bill de Blasio‘s  top females aidesEmma Wolfe, Anna Greenberg and Rebecca Kirszner Katz–played in the campaign. Ms. Greenberg’s polling, for instance, detected a “very deep…level of alienation and anger” among African-American voters towards the Bloomberg era “stretching back to the Rudy Giuliani years.”

While former Assemblyman Richard Brodsky predicted a Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo will result in “an epic clash early next year between a big-thinking progressive mayor and a triangulating governor with national ambitions … fueled by sharply competing governing visions, economic philosophies and political strategies.”

After grumblings from some local Democrats–most recently supporters of Nassau county executive candidate Tom Suozzi in today’s New York Post–Mr. Cuomo issued a blank endorsement of all Democratic candidates “across the board” yesterday evening without naming names.

And Broolyn District Attorney Joe Hynes labeled Friday’s press conference calling on him to apologize for allegedly comparing opponent Ken Thompson to a gun-runner “the silliest damn thing I ever heard” and “dumbest damn thing I’ve seen in politics”:
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