Morning Read: ‘I Know This Is Going to Sound Arrogant’

Joe Lhota the pumpkin. (Photo: Twitter/@JoeLhota)
Joe Lhota the pumpkin. (Photo: Twitter/@JoeLhota)

Headline of the Day: “Li’l Lhota vs. De Blasio Jr.”

Runner-Up: “What You Missed in the Final Mayoral Debate.”

The New York Times has a critical, front-page look at Bill de Blasio‘s City Council tenure, which provides “an early illustration of the deft but pragmatic politician he became: He espoused liberal ideals and struck his colleagues as good-natured and inclusive, but he was also capable of shrewd, coldblooded moves that advanced his career.”

The Times also had an in-depth interview with Joe Lhota about his management style, where he insisted there’s “a world of difference” between campaigning and having the qualifications for an office. “I know this is going to sound arrogant and egotistical,” said Mr. Lhota, but if it were a real job interview process, he’d “feel very, very comfortable that I would end up being given that job.”

Various Democratic officials got into a tizzy yesterday, with the state party’s executive director, Rodney Capel, telling State Senator Diane Savino: “I have two words: register Republican.” Ms. Savino replied that Mr. Capel “can spare me the bull or find himself another six-figure no show job.”

Dueling endorsements emerged in the comptroller’s race today, with the Times backing Scott Stringer and the New York Post choosing John Burnett. The Post said they endorsed Mr. Spitzer in the primary “primarily because Stringer has none of the pathologies that made the prospect of a Comptroller Spitzer so menacing,” but Mr. Burnett is the “superior candidate.”

While the Post also has an interesting take on the City Council voting to raise the minimum age for tobacco products to 21: “weed bongs” will still be legal for 18-year-olds. As the paper explains: “So while young adults won’t be able to legally purchase coffin nails, they’ll still be able to blow their minds with weed.”

And Politicker was anonymously sent this special anti-de Blasio attack ad:

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