Morning Read: ‘I’m Not Going to Give You the Quote’

Time Magazine with Bloomberg.
This week’s Time magazine

Headline of the Day: “Soooo yesterday!.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his next step in life: “I’ve said I’m not a consultant. I would want to own the company. I’m not a teacher. I want to learn, but that’s not my bag. I’m not an investor. I delegate that to others. I’m not an author. I wrote one book, did a book party, know what it’s like.”

At a Jewish fund-raiser Tuesday night, Bill de Blasio defended his praise for the late Israeli Rabbi Chacham Ovadia Yosef, which he was strongly criticized for due to the rabbi’s history of controversial statements. “No one is perfect in this world,” said Mr. de Blasio, prompting Gawker to write a follow-up story entitled: “Bill de Blasio Doubles Down on Racist Rabbi Praise.”

Hamodia editorialized in favor of Mr. de Blasio’s remarks and questioned rival Joe Lhota‘s more restrained  comments. “Why Lhota would deem it necessary to add such a wholly unnecessary and disrespectful qualification is puzzling,” the publication wrote. “It was Lhota’s choice of words that were most unfortunate.”

Mr. Lhota yesterday disputed a Wall Street Journal story that quoted Ken Langone, one of his biggest backers, predicting a de Blasio victory. “You should call Ken Langone and let him tell you what he said to the Wall Street Journal reporter and how he was misquoted,” insisted Mr. Lhota. “I’m not going to give you the quote.”

Former mayoral nominee Mark Green, writing “Yes, I’m that Mark Green,” analyzes Mr. de Blasio’s front-runner status with a critical eye. In response, de Blasio consultant John Del Cecato sarcastically tweeted: “Brilliant op-ed in NYDN today, explaining de Blasio’s political success, written by six-time loser and former BDB opponent @markjgreen.”

Congressman Pete King isn’t just sparring with his fellow Republicans on the shutdown, he also had a good sparring match with U.S. foreign policy critic Michael Scheuer at a homeland security committee meeting yesterday:
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