Morning Read: ‘I’m Not Going to Say Any More’

A scene from inside the fund-raiser last night. (Photo: Twitter/@JacobKornbluh)
A scene from inside the fund-raiser last night. (Photo: Twitter/@JacobKornbluh)

Headline of the Day: “Live-Blogging Joe Lhota’s Dance-Floor Roller-coaster Attack Ad.”

Bill de Blasio basked in the glow of his million-dollar Hillary Clinton fund-raiser last night. “It was an extraordinary experience. The crowd loved it, I may say it editorially. Great energy in the room,” he said afterwards. Meanwhile, Ms. Clinton’s only audible words leaving the event were “two weeks, two weeks.”

Inside the hotel, Ms. Clinton was much more loquacious. “Hiring Bill de Blasio was one of the smartest decisions that I made,” she reportedly said. “I hope New Yorkers do the same.” Asked if Ms. Clinton should run for president, Mr. de Blasio replied, “We would be well served if she did make that decision, but that’s up to her to make.”

New York Times columnist Michael Powell was unimpressed with Joe Lhota‘s ad strategy: “It’s hard to know where to begin. Does he imagine that crime fighting in the violent days of the late 1980s and early 1990s was a too gentlemanly affair in which social worker cops asked young thugs to, please, holster their guns?”

While the New York Post cheered: “Good for Joe Lhota. When the GOP candidate for mayor released the first ad to hit his Democratic rival hard — for policies that would undermine the cops’ success in driving crime down to levels that are the envy of every other big city in America — Bill de Blasio complained it was ‘divisive’ and ‘inappropriate.'”

“If you’re going down, you should go down swinging, and yet Lhota seems to be pulling his punches,” consultant Ryan Girdusky lamented in an-oped for the conservative The Caller website. “In the last mayor debate when asked the question if DeBlasio would make the city of New York less safe, Joe Lhota couldn’t definitively say yes.”

But at a campaign stop yesterday, Mr. Lhota promised a different debate strategy tonight. “I will have a different tone,” he told reporters. “I’m not going to say any more”:
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