Morning Read: ‘Irresponsible Beyond Measure’

Today's Daily News. (Photo: Newseum)

Today’s Daily News. (Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “The Board of Elections: An Ongoing Disgrace.”

Runner-Up: “The 1965 Mayoral Race Is Really Starting to Heat Up.”

In response to a New York Post report on his father’s suicide, Bill de Blasio granted an extended interview on the subject to WNYC, but said he would not be discussing it further. “I think its fair that I that I would answer these questions [from] one person and explain the situation,” he said. “But after that I don’t have any intention to talk about it any more.”

Joe Lhota was on the defense after Mr. de Blasio attacked him for his “boyhood hero” Barry Goldwater. “It was reprehensible that Barry Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights Act,” Mr. Lhota said in response to one of Mr. de Blasio’s criticisms. “There are numerous things that I disagree with the late Sen. Goldwater.”

Mr. Lhota also tried to turn the federal government shutdown into an issue against Mr. de Blasio. “Leadership means putting the interest of the people you serve ahead of political gamesmanship. This has been the cornerstone of my professional career and campaign, and a stark contrast between me and Bill de Blasio,” he argued in a statement.

Councilman Domenic Recchia was even more direct last night in a statement slamming Congressman Michael Grimm, whom he plans to challenge next year. “Michael Grimm’s decision tonight to stand in lockstep with the Tea Party and take America over the budgetary cliff is irresponsible beyond measure,” he said. “Michael Grimm’s decision to abandon his constituents at this time is particularly cruel considering he knows that the shutdown will halt Sandy recovery efforts.”

Morning Read: ‘Irresponsible Beyond Measure’