Morning Read: ‘It Makes Anything Delicious!’

Today's amNewYork.
Today’s amNewYork.

Headline of the Day: “The Great Mounds Shortage of 2013?”

Runner-Up: “Obama Doesn’t Need All of Prospect Park to Land a Helicopter.”

The New York Times Magazine looked at how the MTA managed its operations under Hurricane Sandy: “As weather forecasters were hemming and hawing about European versus American climate models and Mayor Bloomberg was debating whether to evacuate flood areas, New York City Transit was working on its own hurricane plans.”

While the Times‘s editorial board rejected Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s signature referendum to approve casinos Upstate, the publication told its readers they “should not accept the way this amendment is advertised on the ballot as a jobs and growth initiative for upstate New York. It is liable to fail to deliver on that promise.”

amNewYork endorsed Joe Lhota in the mayor’s race: “While de Blasio has a commanding lead, it doesn’t mean all his ideas are sound. It doesn’t mean he’s qualified for one of the toughest jobs in America. Joe Lhota is clearly the superior candidate. amNewYork endorses Lhota for mayor.”

The National Journal sat down with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “She awards her top vote to a bean-infused mushburger (‘extra points for being healthy’), while also telling the crowd of meat enthusiasts that her favorite one might have been the one with cheese, bacon, and an egg. (‘If you just keep adding enormous amounts of cholesterol, it makes anything delicious!’)”

And District Attorney Joe Hynes has a new television ad focused on allegations that rival Ken Thompson is tied to ex-party boss Clarence Norman:
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