Morning Read: ‘The Real Tale of Two Cities’

Bill de Blasio at an immigration rally over the weekend. (Photo: Getty)

Bill de Blasio at an immigration rally over the weekend. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Whole Lhota cutting: How Joe would downsize government.”

Runner-Up: “Mr. Lhota’s Neighborhood.”

The Daily News explored more of Bill de Blasio‘s childhood: “Those same peers chose him to rep the school in a state student government association … Classmates predicted a bright future for him. When time came to sign yearbooks, his pal Gwyn Shaw recalls writing, ‘When you’re President some day, I’m going to say I knew you when.'”

Joe Lhota reacted to the News piece by arguing Mr. de Blasio’s “alternative school” makes his current charter school skepticism hypocritical. “The real tale of two cities is the one Bill de Blasio wants for himself and his powerful friends and the one where everyday New Yorkers are struggling under his harmful policies,” Mr. Lhota charged in a statement.

The New York Times‘s Bill Keller took a look at the two candidates’ managerial styles. While Mr. Lhota’s résumé is deep, Mr. Keller found Mr. de Blasio could “explain with a wonk’s enthusiasm the intricate balancing acts of successful management: recruiting a team that brings fresh thinking but has an insider’s understanding of which levers to pull.”

Gatemouth delved further into the primary returns. “In the City’s 14 black majority ADs, Spitzer won by a daunting 97,543 (61.44%) to Stringer’s 61,187 (38.54%),” he wrote of the comptroller face-off between Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer. “In contrast, Stringer won the City’s 22 white majority ADs by an astonishing 158,623 (65.15%) to 84,792 (34.83%).”

Politico profiled Congressman Pete King. “If I end up running for president, I may be an opponent of Chris Christie,” Mr. King mused. “But here’s a guy who is very conservative but he doesn’t antagonize.” “Oh, Peter’s an old Irishman,” Congressman Charlie Rangel commented. “If he was in our party, he would be doing the same thing.”

Joe Hynes presented his case for continuing his re-election bid, claiming ex-party boss Clarence Norman is “running” district attorney rival Ken Thompson‘s campaign. The Thompson campaign, which denies any association with Mr. Norman, has previously noted that “Hynes’ campaign manager, Taharka Robinson, was convicted of assault and robbery.”

And here is video of Mr. Hynes campaigning in Bay Ridge over the weekend:
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