Morning Read: ‘Who the Heck Are You’

The Daily News's creative cover today.
The Daily News‘s creative cover today.

Headline of the Day: “Cuomo Denies Ordering Subpoenas Be Killed, But More Vague On If He Advised It.”

Bill de Blasio defended his wife after a New York Times story implied his influence helped secure her a job at a hospital. “If you look at Chirlane’s resume, it makes all the sense in the world,” Mr. de Blasio said at a press conference yesterday. “She filled a role that made sense for her, and it’s as simple as that.”

The New York Post reviewed Mr. de Blasio’s City Council records and found staffers, perhaps in like many offices, prioritized cases personally important to their boss: “It’s a tale of two kinds of constituents. Friends of Bill de Blasio received better service from his district office when he was a city councilman while a number of regular folks got dismissed as ‘crazy.'”

The Post also ran dueling opinion pieces, with one saying Mr. de Basio’s “tale of two cities” message is completely wrong on the facts. The other, from editorial-page editor William McGurn, says Mr. de Blasio message is right but the privileged are municipal union members: “we do have a tale of two New Yorks, with people who are supposed to be this city’s public servants increasingly its lords and masters.”

Councilman David Greenfield defended Mr. de Blasio on his radio program last night after the candidate received criticism for praising the late Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Mr. Greenfield also criticized Joe Lhota‘s more restrained commentary. “What?! Who the heck are you–who the heck are you, Joe Lhota to opine on one of the greatest [Rabbinical authorities] of all time?” he exclaimed. “He’s trying to pander to the secular media.”

While on Road to City Hall, Ken Thompson attached himself to the Democrats at the top of the ballot as his Democratic opponent, Joe Hynes, runs on the Republican line. “I’m going to be part of this new wave of Democratic progressives like Bill de Blasio, Tish James, Scott Stringer,” Mr. Thompson declared.

And here are the cross-tabs of the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC 4 New York/Marist Poll testing the mayor’s race.

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Morning Read: ‘Who the Heck Are You’