N. Bergen group backs Christie

A coalition of more than 500 activists and volunteers from North Bergen has endorsed Gov. Chris Christie for re-election.

The North Bergen Concerned Citizens Group pointed to the administration’s efforts in fighting waste and abuse in throwing its backing his way.

“Governor Christie is a symbol of anti-corruption and a tireless advocate for honest, open government,” said Larry Wainstein, group president.

“Our organization shares those ideals with the Governor and shares his commitment to ending government corruption, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds in North Bergen and throughout New Jersey.”

The group also cited Christie for appointing many Hispanics to key leadership positions, as well as providing increased state aid to Hudson County.

The group also took a swipe at North Bergen Mayor and state Sen. Nick Sacco, a frequent target of the governor’s for collecting more than one public paycheck.

“In Governor Christie, we have a straight talking elected official who tells it like it is. Governor Christie has said, ‘bad enough that Nick Sacco is making 300 grand himself, it is just outragous, the unchecked power and abuse of the citizens that the Sacco administration engages in.’” the group stated.

Sacco camp fires back

Sacco spokesman Philip Swibinski discounted the group’s claims of 500 members and said 50 would be more likely.

“This group is a small bunch of political gadflys who oppose Mayor Sacco,” Swibinski said. “They show up to Commission meetings with a handful of people every few weeks and make some noise about whatever their issue of the moment is, often filled with exaggerations and outright lies.”

He further said that Wainstein has had a vendetta against Sacco for years over a zoning dispute.

N. Bergen group backs Christie