New Lhota Web Ad Tells Democrats to Vote ‘Safe, Not Sorry’

A screenshot from the new ad.
A screenshot from the new ad.

Republican Joe Lhota is out with a new web ad today touting his support among Democrats worried about public safety if Bill de Blasio is elected mayor.

“Let’s be safe with Joe Lhota and not sorry with Bill de Blasio,” urges one of the Democrats featured in the ad, speaking over a soaring musical score.

The spot is a far cry from Mr. Lhota’s last major ad, which featured images of body bags and the Crown Heights riots to warn voters about what he envisions will become of New York if Mr. de Blasio wins.

Mr. Lhota, who is down more than 40 points in public polls, will need to convince Democrats to cross the aisle if he has any hope of closing the gap. The two candidates are set to face off this evening in their final debate before next Tuesdays election.

Meanwhile, Mr. de Blasio’s campaign announced today that they are taking what was previously an online-only, 60-second ad and placing it on broadcast and cable television. Both ads can be viewed below.

Mr. Lhota’s ad:

Mr. de Blasio’s ad:
[youtube=] New Lhota Web Ad Tells Democrats to Vote ‘Safe, Not Sorry’