Not-Banksy Art Now Selling for Banksy Level Prices (Video)

Fanksy? (YouTube)
Fanksy? (YouTube)
Sixty dollars won’t buy you much these days. A couple hardcover books. 1/8th of an iPad. Twenty-four train rides. Or, a fake Banksy painting to hang in your home, just to prove to your friends that you suck.

Over the weekend, artists Dave Cicirelli, George Gross Lance Pilgrim held a sidewalk sale for forty canvases that resembled the work of British street artist Banksy. Each piece came with a certificate of “Inauthenticity” so you can tell your friends that you definitely did not accidentally purchase some ten thousand dollar piece of street art over the weekend. Perfect for people who hate Banksy. (Unless selling fake Banksys turns out to be part of a Banksy instillation? AH!)


Note that they set up shop to peddle their wares in the same place Banksy sold his work to unsuspecting tourists, and that these guys sold out in an hour.

How much money would you pay not to own a Banksy? Not-Banksy Art Now Selling for Banksy Level Prices (Video)