Only 5.2% of People Are Digital Natives So Calm Down

Twitter is not melting everyone's brains, just a few of them.

Where's my Uberrrrr (Photo: Getty images)
Sry what I wasn’t listening bc Twitter (Photo: Getty images)

People love to grumble about how Twitter and Instagram are ruining society and making ppl 4get how to express themselves. Well, it turns out, only 5.2 percent of people in the world are actually considered digital natives, so just chill.

A digital native is defined in this report as “a youth who has five or more years’ experience using the Internet,” the Register reports. Cool how such a small proportion of the population can terrify almost all of the world’s Olds!

Furthermore, if all the digital natives in the world got together and formed their own country full of kale by-products and ’90s nostalgia listicles, it would be slightly larger than the U.S., the Register says, and more populous than Brazil and Mexico combined. Good to know.

The five nations with the highest percentage of digital natives in their population were Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia and Lithuania. The U.S. was in sixth place–and the U.K. was all the way down at 25th place. Step your game up, guys, Pippa can’t be the only one showing up on Instagram grinning next to a slew of dead animals as part of a grand British tradition. Only 5.2% of People Are Digital Natives So Calm Down