Popular Science Presents New Blog Network

Science-symbolPopular Science is showing a more personal side.

Yesterday the publication unveiled 13 new blogs, each focused a specific area of our lives affected by science and technology. The cutely-named blogs include Techtiles, focused on “the science behind the clothes and gadgets we wear,” KinderLab, on “the science of childhood development,” LadyBits, “on gender and feminism in science and technology,” and—perhaps most enticing—Eek Squad, “on creepy animals.” The other nine blogs cover topics like space, health, transportation, and robotics. Each blog is powered, for the most part, by an individual writer.

“We wanted to broaden the voice of the site beyond news and reference, and bring in more insight,” said Popular Science editor in chief Jacob Ward. “Popular Science has covered science and technology for so long, we felt it was time to inject some perspective into our coverage, and these 13 writers are going to provide it.”

The new blogs will also “provide a place for comments, which, as you know, we’ve moved to social media on the rest of the site,” Mr. Ward said, referencing Popular Science’s September decision to prohibit commenting on new articles. “Each blogger is the owner of their own house on our street, so to speak, so they’re free to host any conversation they like.”

If you like the sounds of Pop Sci’s new blog network, get ready: there might be even more innovation to come.

“This is all part of a larger push,” Mr. Ward said. “In print, online, and in our apps you’re going to see us broaden things even further in the coming year.” Popular Science Presents New Blog Network