PSA: Zach Feuer Will Host ‘Street Fighter’ Tournament Tomorrow

'Street Fighter 4.' (Courtesy Wikipedia)
‘Street Fighter 4.’ (Courtesy Wikipedia)

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow evening why don’t you put on a dapper suit, grab your best gal and head on over to Zach Feuer gallery, which will host a Street Fighter tournament in conjunction with its current video game-centric show by Jon Rafman “YOU ARE STANDING IN AN OPEN FIELD.”

Details, such as they are, below:

Zach Feuer Gallery, 548 West 22nd Street, New York

Saturday, October 19th
5-9 PM

Please join us for a Street Fighter tournament hosted by Jon Rafman and Team PIE in conjunction with Rafman’s current exhibition, You Are Standing In an Open Field, at Zach Feuer Gallery.

The event will be in honor of the old Chinatown Fair arcade.

Games confirmed so far:


Confirmed Line Ups

Bry Keys vs PIE Omar Sci Brown ft5

Chris Hu vs PIE Chin341 FT5

Mike G vs PIE Zeus ft5 for $50

PIE Poem vs EMP Sanford ft7 for $100

PIE chin341 vs LI Joe ft10 for $200

Patrick Lee vs PIE Smug ft5

streamed by Team Spooky Arturo Sanchez:

PSA: Zach Feuer Will Host ‘Street Fighter’ Tournament Tomorrow