Rumor Roundup: Throws a Fancy Cocktail Party, Model Student Karlie Kloss Enters Codecademy party favors. (Photo: Cosmopolitan/Twitter) party favors. (Photo: Cosmopolitan/Twitter)

Match-dot-cocktail. held its annual cocktail party at site relationship expert Whitney Casey‘s opulent SoHo apartment on Wednesday night. The bar was wide open, finger foods were aplenty, and we got to chatting with CEO Sam Yagan about online dating in all its permutations.

Also a co-founder of OkCupid, Mr. Yagan is one of the entrepreneurs responsible for online dating as we know it. Midway through the evening, he addressed the crowd. He noted that his companies had worked mainly on “stigma-busting for the last 10 years,” and would now be turning their attention to mobile. Since is Tinder’s lead investor, Mr. Yagan is clearly ahead of the game.

Sit down and shut up. Never one to mince an opportunity to positively reflect about his life, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian laid down the thickest of humblebrags on Instagram earlier this week. During his visit to Google, he took a picture of sofa that looks like it was stolen from a San Bernardino public library and noted that’s where he sat following a meeting with the search giant. In hindsight, Google looks like the lucky one, huh?

Sudden clarity. Lean Startup (not to be confused with Lean In) guru Trevor Owens recently had an epiphany. He tweeted earlier this week: “Reading ‘On Writing Well’ by William Zinsser caused me to realize almost everything I say is jargon.” A true road to Damascus moment! Now get out there and preach against stupid startup buzzwords.

Model student. Über-model Karlie Kloss is getting in touch with her inner brogrammer by taking a class at Codecademy:

On the off chance that any tech geeks besides us follow Karlie on Twitter, we bet classes are now filled up with horny dorks until June 2015.

Beyhive. Skift founder Rafat Ali would like you all to know something:

Congrats, bb!

It’s Newt! America’s preeminent futurologist Newt Gingrich has an update re: his Google Glass explorer activities. He tweeted that he, “Had fun touring @NHMLA with my @googleglass. Took lots of good dinosaur videos!” (That would be the Natural History Museum of L.A., for those of you who, unlike Newt, are not in the know.)

You can see those videos here, and live out your lifelong dream of seeing the world through the eyes of the moon-colony-boosting, zoo-animal-loving former speaker of the house.

Rumor Roundup: Throws a Fancy Cocktail Party, Model Student Karlie Kloss Enters Codecademy