Scientists Are 3D Printing Poop Now–You Know, For Science

Hmmm sounds like BS.

So lifelike.
So lifelike.

We’ve been wondering what 3D printers can really be used for aside from manufacturing hairless Troll dolls and illegal guns. Lo and behold, the answer is full scale replicas of poop–special eff-excrements, if you will.

In researching this story, Betabeat learned of a whole new world of poop categorization known as the Bristol Stool Form Scale, or BSFS, via Discover Mag. It’s a measurement system for figuring out how long your doo doo has been traveling through your intestines. It involves looking at one’s waste and describing it with a range of verbal descriptors named after food, like “sausage” and “chicken nuggets.” Appetizing.

Scientists have for some reason decided that this means of categorizing butt sludge is not child-friendly, despite the fact that children love nothing more than talking about both poop and food.

So they figured they’d recreate the official seven types of fecal matter (gotta catch ’em all!) using a 3D printer to see if children could better describe their stools with a lifelike visual guide, Discover Magazine reports. To add to the verisimilitude, the models even floated or sank depending on whether their real-life counterparts would.

The scientists’ conclusion was that the 3D models weren’t any better for helping kids identify dookie than the previous verbal system was. But on the plus side, the scientists now have a bunch of fake turds at their disposal, just in time to scare away trick-or-treaters who try to get greedy with the chocolates.

(h/t Design Taxi) Scientists Are 3D Printing Poop Now–You Know, For Science