Should NPR’s Andy Carvin Take a Buyout?

Andy Carvin
Andy Carvin (via Twitter)

National Public Radio has accepted senior strategist Andy Carvin’s buyout request, he announced this morning on his personal blog.

The non-profit announced in September that it would offer voluntary buyouts in order to reduce staff count by about 10 percent.


Mr. Carvin has until December to decide.

“Surprising even myself, I must admit, I threw my hat into the ring. Last Friday, I learned NPR has accepted my buyout request,” Mr. Carvin wrote. “Here’s how it works. I’ve got until early December to accept the buyout or change my mind. If I change my mind, I’ll stay as senior strategist at NPR’s social media desk. If I accept the buyout, my job at NPR is expected to wrap up at the end of December.”

What’s next for Mr. Carvin? He doesn’t have an answer, but in true social media mode, he is crowdsourcing career advice.

“What will I do after that? That’s a question I can’t answer yet, because I haven’t made any decisions,” Mr. Carvin wrote in his blog post. “I’ve had the honor of serving at NPR for seven years, and while it’ll be hard to top that, no doubt there many exciting opportunities out there worth exploring. Would love to hear all of your thoughts on what I should tackle next.”

So far, Mr. Carvin has gotten 10 responses to his query. Advice includes telling Mr. Carvin to stay at NPR, telling Mr. Carvin to start an entrepreneurial journalism experiment and telling Mr. Carvin to open an Etsy shop.

Should NPR’s Andy Carvin Take a Buyout?