Stock Up on Mountain Dew and Twizzlers Because the Creators of Myst Are Kickstarting a New Game

Is it possible this'll be a disappointment? Yes. Am I going to cough up $25 anyway? Almost certainly!

Mom I'll be in the computer room. (Photo: Cyan)
Mom I’ll be in the computer room. (Photo: Cyan)

Not to get all BuzzFeed nostalgia vertical over here, but one very important landmark of a nerdy 90s childhood is Myst, the perplexing computer game that left you stranded on a dock on a weird island and forced you to figure it out from there.

This year the game turns 20 (ouch), but it’s been a long, long time since the game’s creators at Cyan have had a big hit. They’re still around, though, and now they’re turning to Kickstarter to raise $1.1 million for the development of Obduction, which they’re billing as a “spiritual successor to the experience that Myst provided, without necessarily tying ourselves to that same storyline.”

Guess those of you who completed Riven are just going to be left floating in space forever–sorry.

The new game explores “what happens to a person who is abducted, who is taken to a new place,” which actually sounds a lot like what made Myst so eerie and entertaining. Details on Obduction are scanty, but the idea is you’re an abductee dropped onto a faraway planet. You find a farmhouse and some other abductees, and it goes from there.

In a video pitch for the new game, Rand Miller says that while they’ve been working on new ideas for years, “we’ve taken some to publishers and they’re not always met with enthusiasm.” Maybe because they’re all too busy a) making blockbuster shoot-’em-ups or b) trying to make micropayments happen.

The campaign launched yesterday and has raised north of $290,000 so far.

BTW if anyone actually finished Myst, I’ll still stuck on the rocketship; please send help. (I bought a book at Gamestop and cheated my way through Riven, because puzzles are hard.) Stock Up on Mountain Dew and Twizzlers Because the Creators of Myst Are Kickstarting a New Game