The New York Times Website Is Back After Brief Outage

New York Times website outage
Screenshot of The New York Times website earlier this afternoon

The New York Times website went out for a few brief moments this afternoon.

In August, the Times website went dark twice. The first time the result of scheduled website maintenance and the other attributed to “a malicious external attack” by the Syrian Electronic Army.

This time, the site was a non-malicious coding issue and was only down for around seven minutes–not even long enough for people to compose witty jokes or publications to drop paywalls to entice readers.

“The outage was the result of an internal issue during the deployment of code, which impacted our Web servers,” a Times spokesperson said in response to our query about the site.

But by the time that we received the Times‘ response, the website had been back for a while and we once again had articles open in extra tabs on our browser, just waiting to be read.

<em>The New York Times</em> Website Is Back After Brief Outage