This Twitter-Comcast Partnership Will Make It Impossible to Avoid the ‘Real Housewives’

How much Vanderpump Rules can we watch until our phone explodes?

"See It" in action. (Photo: Comcast)
“See It” in action. (Photo: Comcast)

It’s going to become even more difficult to escape Carson Daly: Twitter is teaming up with Comcast to stream and record shows from the cable company’s stable of networks straight on to the social network’s app.

Starting in November, tweets that originate from networks like E!, NBC, USA and, thank god, Bravo, will have a “See It” button at the bottom, allowing Comcast subscribers to watch those shows on their computer and mobile devices. So, those of us stuck with Time Warner or Optimum won’t be able to use those features, but the New York Times reports Twitter is working with other cable distributors.

“The technology will test the interconnectedness of television and the social Web, two mediums that enhance one another while simultaneously competing for advertising dollars and attention,” writes Brian Stelter. He notes that in the future on-screen guides on Comcast’s boxes could show which shows are trending on Twitter to further remind us of our impending hashtag overlords.

In a release, Twitter reiterated its (debatable?) point that tweets drive tune-in and said the deal will “make it easier than ever to turn on the show everyone is talking about and jump into the conversation.” For its part, Comcast debuted a splashy introduction page affixed with several pictures of The Voice since that’s the only show people watch on NBC.

The partnership is a big move for Twitter, which has been pounding its chest about its influence on the television viewing experience. Comcast’s partnership also links with Twitter’s Amplify program, where the cable giant will sell ads against the clips.

Of course, we can’t forget about Twitter’s upcoming IPO. Variety notes that the deal was likely timed to “build investor confidence in its ad-revenue-generating abilities” before it goes public.

At least Kabletown isn’t relying on porn to generate revenue and buzz anymore. This Twitter-Comcast Partnership Will Make It Impossible to Avoid the ‘Real Housewives’