Startup Rundown: You Can Now Get A Degree In “Connective Media” And Spin Is Yet Another Group Video App

Cornell Tech's Connective Media class of 2016 (photo: flickr user whiteafrican)

Cornell Tech’s Connective Media class of 2016 (photo: flickr user whiteafrican)

Tech training Mayor Bloomberg joined Cornell NYC Tech earlier this week to announce a new degree program: a two-year master’s in “connective media.” Cool kids Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, betaworks, and Medium as well as old fuddies The New York Times and Hearst have all joined in collaboration with Cornell Tech to guide the tech innovation and entrepreneurship-centered curriculum. They’re currently accepting applications for the Fall 2014 semester, so get those letters of rec in now!

Bullying the jukebox With the Playmysong app, fickle customers can request songs they’d like to hear at bars and restaurants that have their own version of the app installed on an Internet-connected device. And now that Playmysong has teamed up with NSM Music’s licensed song library, those bars and restaurants can get a little cash coming back their way with every one of their patron’s requests, Playmysong announced at the SF Music Tech Summit on Tuesday. Playmysong was introduced in 2011 and launched with Spotify earlier this year, but venues can use the new NSM Music-infused app to avoid dealing with separate licensing fees to places like BMI, because NSM handles all of that business.

MakerBot’s Digitizer leaves the nest It has been many long months since MakerBot’s desktop 3D scanner, the Digitizer, was first announced in March. But this week the first shipments are expected to head out to eager preorderers. As of Tuesday, the Digitizer is also available in their physical store in the East Village. MakerBot also announced two new types of filament materials this week. The first is the Flexible Filament that has a low melting temperature so it can be easily heated and reshaped into intricate crazy patterns. The second is the Dissolvable Filament that actually, you guessed it, dissolves when placed in a special solvent.

Out for a Spin Like so many others before them, Net Power & Light has released a new group video chat app called Spin. Out now for iOS only, Spin is trying really, really hard to make their app feel like a normal conversation with normal people. But then NPL CEO and co-founder Tara Limmey says things like, “We designed Spin’s technology platform from the ground up to amplify how people naturally act and engage when they’re deeply connected and together…We call this Human Fidelity™ because it feels so immersive, so real, so true-to-life.” So who knows what humans want?

More mini storage Need somewhere to store your stuff temporarily but don’t want to deal with unreliable friends? MakeSpace has your answer – the temporary, mini, personal storage space launched last week with a storage space just outside of Manhattan. For $25 a month, New Yorkers get to use four of their bins with free pickup. You can also keep track of what’s in each of those bins online, so you don’t have to go rummaging through each of your poorly labeled packages, and you can get the bins delivered back to you from their site.

Startup Rundown: You Can Now Get A Degree In “Connective Media” And Spin Is Yet Another Group Video App