6 Lesser-Known Thanksgiving Facts

What are you thankful for?
What are you thankful for?

1. In colonial times, ships full of new pilgrims had a knack of arriving after all the harvest work was done, but just in time for the celebratory meal.

2. The most important thing to remember, when taking your first bite of turkey, is that a sentient being gave its life for this meal. The second thing to remember is the gravy.

3. Poca-Hondas is a cool name for a Honda dealership, but only during November.

4. Records show that, in 1625, the Wampanoag Tribe “made a big thing” over an adult table/kid table misunderstanding and refused to attend future Thanksgivings.

5. Around this time every year, a group of New England musicians starts a band and calls itself Plymouth Rock.

6. Thanksgiving “leftovers” used to be known as “winter rations.” People who forgot their leftovers starved to death that winter. 6 Lesser-Known Thanksgiving Facts