Christie says he won’t support Dream Act in current form, Sweeney accuses him of reneging

Senate President Steve Sweeney is lashing out at Gov. Chris Christie over comments the Republican governor made about the Legislature’s Dream Act proposal.

The top Democratic lawmaker says Christie is reneging on a campaign promise to sign legislation that would give undocumented students a chance at paying in-state tuition rates at state colleges. Christie told residents on a monthly call-in show that he would not support legislation in its current form.

“When he was running for governor he supported it and now that he is running for president, he does not,” Sweeney said in a statement.

“The governor never misses an opportunity to disappoint,” he said. “The Dream Act will reach the governor’s desk and after he committed to the families from Vineland to Union City to sign the bill. He once again turns his back those who need us most. I will continue to fight this governor for these New Jersey families and their children.”

Sweeney responded to comments Christie made on the radio earlier this evening.

“They’re overreaching and making it unsignable and making the benefits richer than the federal program, the federal Dream Act, that’s simply not acceptable for me,” Christie said on 101.5 FM’s monthly Ask the Governor radio program.

Christie made the statement after the Senate passed its version of the Dream Act, which included provisions that would allow undocumented students to receive both in-state tuition and be eligible for financial aid at state schools.

Prior to the November election, Christie indicated he supported the Dream Act, but didn’t give details of what he would accept as a final product.

“They have time to change that between now and Jan. 14. If they do, I will, if they don’t, I won’t,” Christie said.

Christie says he won’t support Dream Act in current form, Sweeney accuses him of reneging