Coleman, Gusciora seek $10M from state to hire more Trenton cops

TRENTON – The capital city’s two Assembly representatives are hoping to obtain more money for police officers.

Fifteenth-district Democrats Bonnie Watson Coleman and Reed Gusciora introduced a bill Monday that would appropriate $10 million from the state’s general fund to allow Trenton to hire 75 more police officers.

The lawmakers describe Trenton’s situation as a “public safety emergency,’’ and point out the city is on target to experience a record-setting year for homicides.

On top of that, the city laid off 105 cops in 2011.

While the city receives additional state aid through the Transitional Aid program, the lawmakers say the city police force remains understaffed.

However, the state has been unwilling to deal much with the city ever since Mayor Tony Mack came under indictment nearly two years ago on bribery, extortion and other charges. Mack remains in office.

The staffing of the police department is not the only Trenton/state issue.

Trenton lawmakers a few weeks ago hosted a tour of Trenton Central High School, showcasing its warped floors, leaky stairwells and condemned auditorium in hopes of drawing attention and possibly faster state action.

Sen. Shirley Turner introduced S2983, the upper-chamber version of A4388, in September.

Coleman, Gusciora seek $10M from state to hire more Trenton cops