Councilman Peter Vallone’s Tires Slashed

A random flat tire, probably not Peter Vallone's. (Photo: Wikimedia/Ildar Sagdejev)

A random flat tire, probably not Peter Vallone’s. (Photo: Wikimedia/Ildar Sagdejev)

Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., chair of the council’s public safety committee, says he was the victim of a tire slashing last night.

The term-limited councilman, who is no stranger to threats, said he woke up this morning prepared to head to career day at PS70 when he saw that both of the tires on the left side of his car had been slashed.

“The tire guy said there was no doubt that a knife was put into the side of each one of them,” he told Politicker this afternoon.

Mr. Vallone, an unabashed supporter of the NYPD who is known for his hard-line stances against quality of life crimes, said he was stumped about the slasher’s potential motivations. Perhaps he has an “Alec Baldwin-like stalker,” he joked.

Nevertheless, whoever punctured Mr. Vallone’s tires may end up being caught. The councilman said the NYPD installed a surveillance camera outside his house after he received a death threat and various threats to “tag” his house with graffiti. (Mr. Vallone has been waging an “Ahab-like” anti-graffiti campaign in the City Council.)

Mr. Vallone, known for keeping his constituents updated via his personal Facebook page, offered a personal warning to those involved as well: “hey punk who slashed my tires perhaps you missed the video cameras on my house? i’ll be SEEing you soon.”

He said he’d be updating his Facebook with further details if the police ultimately identify the vandal.

Councilman Peter Vallone’s Tires Slashed