Crowdsource Your Own Girls Experience

Want to be living the dream in New York (or one of the outer borough) but don’t exactly have the cash flow? Mom and dad cut you off after three years of post-grad life in Bushwick? Maybe you’re just not making enough as a freelance Jazzercise instructor to keep your place in Bed-Stuy, and unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn’t consider stuff like “paying rent” as a creative endeavor.

Luckily, is more than willing to let you solicit cash from your friends for your lifestyle needs.

How it works:
Basically, you can ask for your cash on the Internet for anything from Metrocards to getting yourself out of prison. A lot of the site is people asking help for medical expenses, college tuition or Sandy relief and if this is the most direct means to help people in need with some cash, more power to them. (Though you’d want to thoroughly vet people before giving them money…we bet the scam rate is pretty high.)

However, some people aren’t even trying to sound sympathetic as they grub for cash. Here is our favorite example:

My Jazzercise Instructor Fund!


I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to become a Jazzercise instructor since my move to New York City! However, as a recent college graduate and current elementary school teacher, I don’t have the appropriate funds to make this dream a reality. I would appreciate any help in raising the fee that is required to participate in the training workshop!

I’m so excited to become a Jazzercise instructor and share my love for hip-shaking dance routines with NYC!

Raised: $145.00 Goal: $2,000.00

Crowdsource Your Own <em>Girls</em> Experience