Down to the wire: Inverso, campaigning, says Christie was ‘a man of his word’

ROBBINSVILLE – Amid the angular white buildings of the downtown business district a small group of men emerged from a polling center, falling in behind the man in front.

The man was former state Sen. Pete Inverso of the 14th District.

A Republican, Inverso came out of a six-year political retirement to take on incumbent state Sen. Linda Greenstein (D-14).

“We want to continue the momentum the governor has established, making it more attractive for business to create jobs,” said Inverso, standing with his running mate, former chief of staff Steve Cook.

A banker and former CEO of Roma, Inverso is stinging from what he says is the scorched earth tactics of the Democrats.

“Two million dollars to commit character assassination,” Inverso said. 

Is he done with Greenstein, win or lose?

“I have become friendly with people I have run against in the past,” he said. “Only time will tell.”

Cook waved off the Building Trades and public sector worker muscle chest thumping on the other side of the district.

“We had a campaign rally last night filled with young volunteers,” said the Assembly candidate. “We’ve engaged in coalition building that paid Election Day workers can’t match.”

Christie came in late with some fundraising money and an ad for Inverso.

“The timing was right,’ Inverso said of Christie’s entrance into the campaign last week. “The governor’s a man of his word. He said he would fundraise, and he did. He raised $87,000. He said he would do a TV ad and he did. He said he would do a robocall, and he did. He withstood the barrage they threw at us, we took the brunt of it, and then the governor came in and stood with me. Good timing.”

Down to the wire: Inverso, campaigning, says Christie was ‘a man of his word’