Fulop: ‘I’m not in a Democratic primary’

ATLANTIC CITY – In a packed room that lacked the presence of Trenton elected officials seen at other events but no shortage of guests, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop shook hands with admirers and well wishers.

The Democratic mayor has been a staple at gatherings during this year’s League of Municipalities annual conference and was front and center on the fifth floor inside the Chelsea Hotel Wednesday night. The mayor was only elected to office all of six months ago, but is already rumored to be a potential gubernatorial candidate in the next race for the governor’s mansion.

“It’s never too early to discuss the issue,” said Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-14), affirming quiet discussions of gubernatorial candidates are brewing in some circles.

“Steve Sweeney is my guy,” he quickly added, leaving little doubt where he would stand if a gubernatorial matchup between Fulop and Senate President Steve Sweeney ensued.

Sweeney, who was absent from the event, held his own gathering the prior night. The event was packed with Trenton lawmakers and other elected officials.

Earlier today, a reporter asked Sweeney whether he could take Fulop in a Democratic primary.

“Take?” Sweeney responded, as to question what the reporter meant by “take.”

“I can out bench press him,” Sweeney joked, brushing off the question.

But the election is years away and a primary isn’t quite on the horizon, which Fulop himself is quick to point out.

“I’m not in a Democratic primary,” responded Fulop when told about Sweeney’s response.

Fulop: ‘I’m not in a Democratic primary’