Heading Home For Thanksgiving? Your Local Newspaper Has All the #Tech News You Need

As a bonus, many of the stories will include quotes from teens.

A turkey (Photo: Getty)
A turkey (Photo: Getty)

Are you going to miss Betabeat as we take a mini break over the next few days to load up on turkey, pumpkin pie and discount Target undies? True, we won’t be here to provide you with the latest in technology. But if you’re heading home to the small town in which you grew up, there will be tons of breaking tech news for you to read over your morning coffee.

How do we know? Well, at her first journalism job in 2011, this reporter wrote a story called “Borough Launches Facebook Page,” complete with the snappy lede, “Online social networks are not just for college students anymore.” Basically, we know from experience that you don’t have to be in the Big City to stay up to date on all the tech sector’s hottest happenings.

Here are a few examples of tech centered local current events from around the country:

• In Fargo, N.D., “Technology is changing the way teens are dating one another”

“In a world where technology is taking over, its sites like social media that’s grabbing all the attention,” reads this WDAY writeup that may be loosely translated from Russian. There are lots of percent signs and “6 out of every 10s” in the story, as well as this salient quote from Kevin Schwab, MSUM freshman: “I think I had a Myspace when I was 12.” Another MSUM freshman, Nika Kingdon, is quoted as saying of potential suitors,  “I add them because they come up on my friends list and I’m like whatever, my connection. Ya know, I’m a big networking person.” Times, they are a‐changin’!

• And in Orlando, Fla., “Facebook hot spot for ‘yard sale’ bargains”

Uh oh, don’t tell our dad. In Central Florida, Facebook has become a popular way for people to connect with hoarders eager to take their old Barbies and busted end tables off their hands. “It happens so quickly,” said Regina Westgate, 48. “It’s addictive.” The story also includes a helpful explanation of how to create a Facebook post.

• In Spokane, Wash., “Texting while walking puts teens at risk”

Local teenager Emily Nelson is “attached” to her iPhone, but, “using electronics while walking poses a serious risk to teenagers, Safe Kids Worldwide concluded in a recent study.” The party poopers at Safe Kids Worldwide provided The Spokesman Review with some statistics about walking and texting, along with separate numbers related to pedestrian deaths. “You can’t tie every single pedestrian death to distraction,” Safe Kids Director Julie Alonso admits. “But there has been an uptick.” The kicker: That Emily Nelson once walked into a stop sign while texting. She sounds like a bad influence.

• In Staten Island, N.Y., “Twitter users are wrong about Staten Island, say readers”

The Staten Island Advance‘s website, SILive.com, recently posted a story aggregating the meanest tweets about Staten Island. A bunch of readers responded via irate Facebook comments, so SILive.com did a story on that, too. From the Twitter story: “Only Staten Island would have girls looking homeless everyday with Michael Kors bags. Looking all the same [stream of unidentified emojis]”. A Facebook rebuttal: “To all the haters…you don’t have to pay a toll to leave…”

Heading Home For Thanksgiving? Your Local Newspaper Has All the #Tech News You Need