LD 38 Brief: Alonso – my GOP GOTV troops aren’t ‘union-led, paid people’

HAWTHORNE – Fernando Alonso, the GOP State Senate candidate in Legislative District 38, sat down with his political war council at Shortway’s Barn just inside the Passaic County line, taking a Monday lunch break from his campaign to unseat Democratic incumbent state Sen. Bob Gordon.

In the morning, Gordon asserted that his GOTV ground troops were ready to stage a “Normandy invasion” to hold back Alonso and his slate.

Alonso, however, questioned the motivation of Gordon’s forces.

“His ‘Normandy invasion’ will be a union-led invasion, and they are paid people led by special interests,” Alonso said. “It’s clear that [Gordon] has been led by special interests, and he’s going to live and die by that. That’s life. That’s politics.”

Politics have been played especially hard in LD 38 in recent days as Christie has targeted the Bergen-based district as one of a handful that the governor is focused on in his drive to put the state Senate in Republican hands.  

“There’s been momentum going our way,” Alonso said. “When we’ve been knocking on doors, we’ve seen a high percentage of the undeclared voters leaning towards Christie. I feel like we’re going to get a lot of benefit out of that.”


LD 38 Brief: Alonso – my GOP GOTV troops aren’t ‘union-led, paid people’