Mayor Bloomberg Says Somebody Else Saw His Ballot

Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg did not have the ideal voting experience last Tuesday.

Somebody saw whom he voted for.

Mr. Bloomberg, a longtime critic of the city’s Board of Elections, today railed against the switch from levered voting machines–which shield voters with a curtain–to the new scanner machines, which were used last Tuesday and allegedly allowed a Board of Elections staffer to see his vote.

“When I went–and I assume it’s true every place–you get your ballot in a folder,” the mayor recalled this afternoon,¬†fielding questions at a press conference touting his administration’s outer-borough taxi program. “You get in a booth where people could look over your shoulder but they’d have to work at it little bit.”

“You then go and you have to stick it into a scanner–where in my case where there was somebody watching to see who I voted for,” he continued. “And everybody I know says exactly the same thing.”

“The days of the secret ballot with this system are over,” he further lamented. “It is a disgrace. Everybody should understand: When they vote, everybody’s going to know who they voted for.”

Nevertheless, asked if he would reveal his own vote to the public, Mr. Bloomberg replied, “No.” Mayor Bloomberg Says Somebody Else Saw His Ballot