Montclair students observe voting session

TRENTON – A group of Montclair State University students were acknowledged Monday in the Senate gallery as the upper chamber kicked off a voting session.

Senate President Steve Sweeney had played host to the junior and senior political science majors earlier in the day.

“It is great to see young people wanting to get involved in public service,” said Sweeney.  “Montclair University has always been one of our premiere institutions, and these students represent the future problem solvers of New Jersey and our country. 

“As we deal with issues such as college affordability, it is important that we get input from the very people who will be impacted by the decisions we make.  I appreciate these future leaders sharing their thoughts with me.”

One of the key bills approved in the Senate Monday was the tuition equality bill to give undocumented students the lower in-state tuition.

The Legislature also has been shepherding through a “pay forward’’ study bill to set up a commission to examine consequences of a system under which students would agree to pay back income after graduation in exchange for tuition aid.

Montclair students observe voting session