Morning Links: Forgery Edition

F_for_Fake_posterAnother forgery complaint against Knoedler, this one tied to a forger named Ken Perenyi. [NYT]

Blake Gopnik on the merits of forgeries. [NYT]

Some 1,500 works that were taken by the Nazis and believed lost have been recovered. Their total value may be €1 billion ($1.35 billion). [The Art Newspaper]

“Doubt cast on $1.5m of indigenous art.” [Art Market Monitor via Sidney Morning Herald]

Here’s a curtain-raiser for Art Spiegelman’s upcoming retrospective at the Jewish Museum, his fourth in less than a year. “‘You’ve heard of the Great Depression?’ Mr. Spiegelman said. ‘This is the Great Retrospection.'” [NYT]

“My lunch with Charlie [Finch].” [Out Of Order Magazine]

LACMA fetes David Hockney and Martin Scorcese, raising $4.1 million for the museum. [Los Angeles Times]

Here’s the untold story of modernist pioneer Paula Modersohn-Becker. [The New Yorker]

John Waters talks about hitchhiking. [The Guardian]

Barf: “To play in the big leagues, art patrons need a private plane to jet off to international art fairs, staff curators, prizes, artist residencies and private museums.” [WSJ]

KAWS openings bring the big names. [Page Six]

Here’s Bloomberg‘s New York auctions preview. More than $2 billion is expected to change hands publicly for the work. What exactly happens behind the scenes is anyone’s guess. [Bloomberg]

Morning Links: Forgery Edition