Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)
(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

Zola Books, a new digital publishing start-up, will be very popular with female liberal arts grads: the hybrid website is releasing previously unpublished work by Joan Didion. For free $9.99. (The New York Times)

Is it the golden age of news, asks Bill Keller. His answer: yes (there is more foreign news available than ever)…but (it’s increasingly produced by freelancers on spec, which, as we’ve reported, is a problematic model). (The New York Times)

People in the Pentagon had some suggestions for Modern Farmer‘s editor in chief on some real high level stuff. Like changing camera angles for the goat cam so that they could see the goats better. (Poynter)

A 96-year-old multimillionaire wants to buy the troubled Philadelphia Inquirer. But it probably won’t work out. (New York Post)

Did you watch YouTube’s first-ever music awards last night? The Guardian calls it “messy and chaotic” but AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka liked the first six minutes. (The Guardian/AllThingsD)

Playbill gets a new publisher. (The New York Times) Morning Media Mix