Morning Read: ‘Are We Done Yet?’

Today's Daily News dose a take on Michael Bloomberg's meeting with Bill de Blasio.

Today’s Daily News does a take on Michael Bloomberg’s meeting with Bill de Blasio.

Headline of the Day: “Bill De Blasio – The Elected King Of The Jews.”

Lede of the Day: “The lefties are coming!”

National ad guru David Axelrod appears to have been informally advising Bill de Blasio‘s campaign: “Axelrod said Del Cecato gave him a sneak preview of the famous ‘Dante’ ad before it went on air. ‘He showed me the ad after it was done and I knew instantly that it was a winner,’ recalled Axelrod.”

It was a tale of two meetings. The New York Post report on Mr. de Blasio’s meeting with Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Are we done yet? Mayor Bloomberg sipped coffee and tried his best to look interested as he spent an hour with his successor, Bill de Blasio, in the City Hall bullpen Wednesday.”

While, according to The New York Times: “It was a scene freighted with political intrigue, a frisson of tension and a stark clash of personal style. Mr. de Blasio, in a drab, slightly frayed suit, clasped his hands in a pyramid as he listened to the French-cuffed Mayor Bloomberg talk of the arcana of sanitation service and hiring protocols.”

After his Election Night loss to Mr. de Blasio Tuesday, Joe Lhota “proved he could party harder than a recent college student,” according to the Daily News. “When his 22-year-old daughter seemed ready to quit the party and go home, he joked with her that she needed more Hoya spirit, a reference to the mascot of their shared alma mater.”

Our Town looked at what happened to Assemblyman Micah Kellner, who waged a seemingly quixotic City Council campaign after losing his Democratic primary this year to Ben Kallos.

And The Daily Show touched on Mr. de Blasio’s victory last night:

Morning Read: ‘Are We Done Yet?’