Morning Read: ‘Defeating Darth Vader’

Today's amNewYork.

Today’s amNewYork.

Headline of the Day: “Young Commuters Offer Little Sympathy for de Blasio’s Son.”

Runner-Up: “Try This at Home: Chiara De Blasio’s Floral Crown ‘Do.”

According to today’s amNewYork, many of Bill de Blasio‘s neighbors want him to stay in Park Slope instead of moving up to Gracie Mansion. “The mayor-elect has to balance his affinity for Park Slope and his knowledge of the parking space problems of Park Slope,” cautioned Bill Cunningham.

New York Post report added, “If de Blasio does make the move to the Upper East Side, sources said, he would occupy living quarters on the second-floor that include four spacious bedrooms and a bathroom equipped with an old tub that is large enough to accommodate his height.”

Mr. de Blasio is currently down in the Somos conference meeting fellow Red Sox fans and resting up. Other pols aren’t as used to the experience. “I’ve never been to Somos, so I can’t say I really know what you do here,” said Councilman Brad Lander, pausing to chat with speaker hopeful Mark Weprin, “who donned a blue ‘Somos’ baseball cap.”

Mr. de Blasio also said Staten Island Borough President-elect Jimmy Oddo “is into fantasy baseball to a frightening degree” and, “I’m a Democrat, I believe in the Democratic Party, so this is not a dig: The people of Staten Island need to make sure that Jimmy knows that he has to spend as much time on on government as fantasy baseball.”

Former State Senator David Storobin, who lost a City Council race this month, is officially done with politics. For his part, Councilman Lew Fidler, an old Storobin foe, congratulated Democrat Chaim Deutsch on “on defeating Darth Vader—-ooops—-David Storobin.”

And Anthony Weiner is set to go on Bill Maher‘s show tonight.

Morning Read: ‘Defeating Darth Vader’