Morning Read: ‘Maybe He Can Sabotage Some Stuff’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “Nanny Mike’s last slap.”

The New York Times interviewed Bill de Blasio in depth about his management approach. “When was the last time you used PowerPoint?” they asked. “I’m not a PowerPoint guy,” he replied. “Would you consider putting Joseph Lhota in your administration?” they asked. “No. Next question,” he replied.

NY1 sent a reporter to Fenway Park to interview Red Sox fans about Mr. de Blasio’s support for the team. “That’s awesome,” said one. “Maybe he can sabotage some stuff that’s going on at Yankee Stadium for us on the sly,” said another. “Sounds like a good guy to me,” said a third.

The New York Post celebrated yesterday’s decision against Judge Shira Scheindlin. “No paper has devoted more of its editorials, opeds and news stories to press the issues of Scheindlin’s bias and the urgency of this appeal than The Post,” it declared yesterday, calling on her to take the “honorable course” and resign.

While the Daily News reached out to Anthony Weiner to see if he has any campaign advice for Joe Lhota, and he suggested Mr. Lhota figure out clear branding and seize a big-idea issue to base his campaign on. “We’ll refrain from accepting advice from Anthony Weiner,” replied Lhota spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

And Brooklyn district leader and former congressional candidate Chris Owens recorded a catchy song for Mr. de Blasio:

Morning Read: ‘Maybe He Can Sabotage Some Stuff’