Morning Read: ‘The Mayor-Elect Was Still a Youngster’

Bill de Blasio, in a car last week. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)

Bill de Blasio, in a car last week. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Ray Kelly Incorrectly Labels SantaCon ‘a Peaceful Event.’”

The Washington Post profiled Bill Hyers, who managed Bill de Blasio‘s mayoral bid: “Hyers doesn’t like horses that start fast, for most inevitably fade. At this point, we must pause for a metaphor alert because, he explains, Hyers isn’t a fan of candidates who start fast, either. He’d rather that his horses and his candidates conserve their strength for the stretch run.”

“Six years later, de Blasio was also down in the polls early on. But this time it was the candidate who was wondering aloud whether to start spending money on TV ads or mailers to boost his paltry name recognition,” the paper added. “I was tempted,” said Mr. de Blasio. But Mr. Hyers “kept coming back to the virtues of marshaling your resources.”

While Crain’s New York Business profiled Park Slope’s connection to many rising political powers. “Park Slope’s a great neighborhood,” said Senator Chuck Schumer, “noting that he’s lived in the area since the mayor-elect was still a youngster growing up in Massachusetts.” “If I were to be mayor,” he added, “I’d want to stay in my nice house in Park Slope.”

It doesn’t seem likely that Mr. de Blasio’s administration will be fully complete anytime soon. “All transitions extend beyond Jan. 1,” transition co-chair Carl Weisbrod told the Daily News Saturday. “I’ve seen many, many administrations transition in. I haven’t seen one that has completed everything by Jan. 1.”

The New York Post has recently floated two names to replace Lt. Governor Bob Duffy: ex-Congresswoman Kathy Hochul in today’s paper and Assemblywoman Deborah Glick in yesterday’s.

And here’s video, via Russell Schaffer, of Councilman Mark Weprin participating in a musical (for charity) this weekend:
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