Newark: The Movie

In great anticipation of next year’s mayor’s race, we did a quick bar stool poll to find out who would play the lead roles in the epic blockbuster “Newark: The Movie,” which would be better by far than any of the comic book fare currently dribbled onto the screen by Hollywood. Here is what we came up with informally:

Ice Cube as Ras Baraka

Spike Lee as Amiri Baraka

Samuel Jackson as Sharpe James

Mario Van Peebles as Shavar Jeffries

Antonio Banderas as Anibal Ramos

Will Smith as Darren Sharif

Al Pacino as Steve Adubato, Sr.

Vin Diesel as Cory Booker

Joaquim de Almeida as Wilfredo Caraballo

Jennifer Lopez as M. Teresa Ruiz

Halle Berry as L. Grace Spencer

Benicio Del Toro as Luis Quintana

Meagan Good as Tai Cooper

Kerry Washington as Milly Silva

Zoe Saldana as Lupe Todd

Danny Aiello as Joe Parlavecchio

Delroy Lindo as Ronald L. Rice

Robert Deniro as Joe DiVincenzo

Joe Pesci as Phil Alagia

Queen Latifa as Donna Jackson

Michael Ironside as Pablo Fonseca

Frank Vincent as Ralph Caputo

Chuck Zito as Bruno Tedeschi

Jeffrey Wright as Donald Payne, Jr.

With Kevin James as Chris Christie

And Morgan Freeman as Carl Sharif

Newark: The Movie