Norcross: GOP had little chance to win Senate

WOODBURY – George Norcross III, the Democratic powerbroker in South Jersey, gave a succinct summary of today’s legislative results, in which not one incumbent senator lost.

“The Republicans had little chance to win the state Senate,’’ Norcross said amid the Democratic celebration tonight at Auletto’s Caterers here.

And that, he said, was despite having “one of the most popular governors’’ in this state’s history at the top of the ticket.

Norcross predicted that Gov. Chris Christie will set his sights on a presidential bid in 2016.

“I’m sure the governor will run for president. I seriously doubt he will serve out his term.”

The southern part of the state is poised for change in light of the many bipartisan achievements reached with the governor, including the higher-education reorganization and the Economic Opportunity Act.

What would Norcross want to see in a second Christie term? A bipartisan commission, which he has called for before, to study the burdensome taxes in New Jersey.


Norcross: GOP had little chance to win Senate