Robot Enthusiast Is Developing a Graphic Novel About–What Else?–Robots

We hope he's consulting Fergie for help with the robots' lifeless dance moves.

The dude's really into robots. (Photo:

The dude’s really into robots. (Photo:

Really intense Black Eyed Pea is starting a brand new tech venture, maybe as a companion piece to the robotic Napster-equipped glorified Furby he pitched in July. This one is a comic book called Wizards & Robots. Pretty sure the only thing this guy likes more than robots is Auto-Tune.

It’s a collaboration with “futurist Brian David Johnson,” Fortune reports. The two visionaries got the idea from “Brian’s work around robotics and my work around science, technology, engineering and mathematics for inner city kids,” Mr. told Fortune. “I was concerned about the lack of funding we have in education in inner cities, juxtaposed against the advancement in robotics and micro processing.”

Mmkay, that sounds like a pretty valid beef to have with society. The comic is set in the present day and’s “living room on Halloween 2011 was the birthplace for this new universe,” which, believe it or not, is based in reality. says he’s also developing some sort of hush-hush robot music project, as well as a soundtrack to Wizards & Robots with the Prague Philharmonic. We assume that in this project’s ancillary music video, will portray the titular robot. So the only question left is: can we please please please see Britney Spears play the wizard?

Robot Enthusiast Is Developing a Graphic Novel About–What Else?–Robots