Rumor Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Does Silicon Valley and Another Techie Competes for Nerdiest Nuptials Ever

Jennifer Lawrence tries on Google Glass for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Meh (Screengrab: Instagram)

The Promo Games Your pretend best friend Jennifer Lawrence embraced her not-so-hidden geeky side this week, plugging her new movie all over Silicon Valley and stopping by Facebook, Yahoo and Google.

She rapped with Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook HQ and posed for a photo. Then, at Marissa Mayer’s palace of purple, Ms. Lawrence promoted Hunger Games: Catching Fire by chatting about Oscar dresses, Katniss’s wardrobe, and her new Kate Gosselin-esque pixie cut.

Ms. Mayer informed Ms. Lawrence that she’s “the queen of Tumblr,” and the actress responded with a grimace that’s sure to be reblogged thousands of times over. Despite the perfectly gif-worthy response, she insisted she’s never gone on Tumblr and looked herself up. Sure, okay.

And at Google, Ms. Lawrence tried on Glass, proving her relatability once and for all by looking like a total dork in the apparatus.

#TwitterCatchingFire They’re no Jennifer Lawrence, but the arms of Liam Hemsworth and boy-next-door looks of Josh Hutcherson excited the Twitter office on Wednesday. In what looks like a pre-IPO treat for all of us, the guys visited, filed some bug reports and posed for pictures in front of a throng of excited BBs looking for some man candy.

Mike Tyson’s book club With much of the Twitterati excited for New York Times writer Nick Bilton‘s new book about Twitter, there was one fan that none of us were expecting: Mike Tyson. Judging by this tweet, the businessman needed something to kill time during his travels. And without even the book, he already gave Hatching Twitter a “recommendation,” so guess you can retire now, Mr. Bilton.

Wedding bells The Silicon Alley nuptials just keep on coming. This week investor, Tumblr advisor and Secret Clubhouse ringleader Rick Webb graced the digital pages of the Offbeat Bride, in an account of his wedding to graphic designer Emma Wells. (The event–complete with dedicated Twitter account!–was in August, but it’s never too late to say congrats and salivate over the cake, right?)

According to the site, the festivities featured “500 people. Four bands. Two meals. 500 cupcakes. We had a dance party until 4:00 a.m. and lots of sci-fi themes. The venue was a rock club where we’ve seen some of our favorite bands, and was only one block from our house.” Apparently the reading included a Klingon love poem, and Ms. Wells’ vows included the promise that, “Like Buffy, if you turn to evil, I will put a stake through your heart.”

Love is truly a many-splendored thing.

Lady Gaga and manager Troy Carter

Gagz and Troy Carter in chiller times. (Photo: Getty)

Bad Romance? Lady Gaga‘s manager Troy Carter is sashaying away from the singer’s career and it’s not because he thinks her new ARTPOP shtick is super derivative. Instead, “he wants to focus on his growing tech portfolio,” the New York Post reports.

He started working with the lovably batshit star in 2007 and has since “become a Silicon Valley darling as an early investor in startups including Uber and Spotify.”

We’re pretty confident tech is more lucrative than the record industry, but if we were trapped on a desert island and could only pick one, we would probably choose Lady Gaga.

Rumor Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Does Silicon Valley and Another Techie Competes for Nerdiest Nuptials Ever