Rumor Roundup: Katie Couric Might Leave ABC For Yahoo, Kanye West Visits Fancy

Karp's new coworker. (Photo: Google)

Karp’s new coworker. (Photo: Google)

CouricOut? Per The Hollywood Reporter, Katie Couric is done with ABC and could be headed to, uh, Yahoo. Yes, your mom’s favorite talk show host is being courted by your mom’s homepage in a deal that would “pump up the Internet giant’s media presence.” Ms. Couric is said to be negotiating an early exit from her three-year deal at ABC News, which included a little watched talk show and appearances on other ABC News programs that rarely materialized.

The trade pub said that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is “personally” wooing Ms. Couric to bring whatever talents she has. It “would be a much more high-profile endeavor with Couric hosting a newsmaker interview program that would be featured on the site’s highly-trafficked home page.” Hope they include they throw in an email account, too.

‘Ye is in the Building Rapper/tech guy Kanye West had a couple of gigs in and around New York this week. Before his first show in Brooklyn on Tuesday, he popped by the ecommerce startup Fancy. He spoke to the staff for about 45 minutes, Business Insider reports, mostly about his vision for his tech/fashion/set design/everything startup DONDA.

One thing he said at Fancy: “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to say things out loud.” Solid. He also counselled the Fancy people not to be “so protective” of their self-image. VP of Content Kevin Smith tweeted a pic of Mr. West:

He also said the mysterious DONDA will one day be a trillion dollar company so, that’s something to look forward to.

Nope. The Bing Jobs Twitter account officially killed off the dogge meme this week. We don’t know how to react to this other than averting our eyes out of embarrassment. Much woof, very stupid.

Fan art. ShittyWatercolour, one of Reddit’s favorite artists, made some fan art for Snapchat this week. It’s a picture of Snapchat’s ghosty logo morphing into a sloth because sure.

Sexty Lady Did you ever think you’d hear “sexting” and “Kate Middleton” in the same breath? Probably not. But thanks to one blabbermouth professor, we now know that the Duchess of Cambridge might be intrigued by sexting. The Duchess attended an anti-cyberbullying talk this week, People reports, and Professor Tanya Byron, who was also there, told reporters, “They mentioned sexting… She was interested in what we do and my colleagues’ work on addiction.”

Don’t feel bad if the thought of sexting and royals led you to immediately fantasize about receiving a profane pic from a certain ginger haired prince.

Online hating Hot-or-not app Tinder recently launched in the U.K. (congrats, Brits! Get ready for aggressive come-ons from strangers) and held a party. But if Kernel Mag’s recounting of the soirée is any indication, it was kind of… weird?

First, the Kernel crew was greeted by “a dwarf in a pig-man mask.” Then, they noticed the room was “packed with left-swipes,” since Tinder was basically letting in every schmuck with an iPhone. Then this happened:

Tinderella? (Photo:

Tinderella? (Photo:

Click over to Kernel for the rest. The party seems like proof that Tinder is the most fun when you’re alone with your iPhone mocking other users from afar, not attempting to socialize with them.

Rumor Roundup: Katie Couric Might Leave ABC For Yahoo, Kanye West Visits Fancy