Scott Stringer Claims an Expected Victory in the Comptroller’s Race

Scott Stringer addressing his supporters. (Photo: Twitter/@audreygelman)

Scott Stringer tonight. (Photo: Twitter/@audreygelman)

This time, it was easy.

Manhattan Borough Scott Stringer took the stage tonight to claim his new position as the city’s next comptroller, after coasting to victory over his little-known Republican challenger.

“Thank you New York, thank you,” he told his supporters gathered at a bar in TriBeCa, his wife by his side. “I want everyone in this city to know that I will be a comptroller who will serve this city with honesty and integrity.”

The victory was far less dramatic than back in the primary, when Mr. Stringer clawed a narrow, four-point victory over ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who jumped into the race at the very last minute, pitting his family fortune against the city’s powerful Democratic establishment. Tonight, Mr. Stringer had little to fear. His Republican rival, John Burnett, had a compelling life story, having grown up in East New York and rising to become a Wall Street veteran, but he struggled with fund-raising and never managed to make much of a dent in a city where Democrats far outnumbers Republicans.

Given the expected outcome, Mr. Stringer took time to acknowledged the starring contest of the night: the election of Democrat Bill de Blasio as the city’s next mayor.

“Give it up for de Blasio,” said Mr. Stringer as he took the stage just as an image of Mr. de Blasio flashed on screens in the bar.

“We have an opportunity to chart a new course for New York—an era when government works for working families, provides opportunity for all, and protects our fiscal future,” he added, vowing to work closely with the next administration.

He concluded his speech by arguing that the journey for the city had just begun.

“The best days of New York is just coming,” he said. “I’m proud of this new government and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

Scott Stringer Claims an Expected Victory in the Comptroller’s Race